The Ignite Program

Ignite is a structured 18-week programme that has been proven to help female founders and leaders to get to the next phase of their agribusinesses. This 18-week programme is designed to prepare them to solve real problems in Africa therefore the modules are facilitated by industry and cross industry practitioners


On Wednesdays, we invite an expert in Agribusiness and startups to speak. Previous speakers have been Agribusiness founders, speakers from the African startup ecosystem and investors. 

For 15+ hours each week, participants have a deep dive into their agribusiness models. 

Live zoom sessions happen on zoom once every week.

Ignite is delivered with virtual and optional two weeks in-person in Accra usually through presentations, seminars, workshops, coaching, mentorship, internship and field trips.

Deliverables and resources are available on the Ignite platform.

It is important to note that this is not an agricultural training programme where topics such as transplanting seedlings, animal husbandry or field management are covered. 

Ignite is focused on building the business side of Agriculture covering important Agribusiness modules relevant to you and your agribusiness.

At Ignite, participants gain the tools and resources needed to design innovative solutions, manage major aspects of their agribusiness operations and network effectively.

How Do You Benefit?

Here is why female agribusiness founders and leaders join Ignite

The Sisterhood

Joining Ignite gives every founder over three hundred other sisters to fall on. Igniters know that if they have something they need help with, they have a strong support system.

Tailored Practical lessons

The sessions at Ignite are delivered by industry players who have walked the talk and understand the issues so they are able to tailor the topics to the needs of the Igniters.

Access to market

Igniters get access to market opportunities through partnerships and contacts established during and after the programme. Guzakuza creates these market opportunities and connects Igniters.

Access to funding

Ignite introduces igniters to investors and other funding opportunities and assist them through the process and negotiation of term sheets.

Wider Network

We connect female founders and leaders to each other, and we even go further to connect them to investors, individuals, organisations, development partners and the public

Professional qualification

Qualified Igniters get certified and become part of a professional body. They also acquire professional skills that help them to succeed and grow their credibility.

The Ignite Modules

Join The Next Cohort of Agribusiness Founders And Leaders in Ignite 2023

Ignite 2023 is the 7th edition. Since 2016, Ignite has been nurturing and turning ground-breaking ideas into profitable and sustainable Agribusinesses.