The Journey of Ignite 2023

Ignite’s journey begins with a virtual phase, continues with an optional in- person phase and ends with a country solution phase.

Four months of weekly sessions from industry and cross industry experts, Working Groups, Office Hours, Peer Coaching and Feedback sessions.

Phase 1: Ignite Within

Week 1-4  (4th-29th July)

This  is the first phase designed to inspire women to cultivate the confidence, vision, and self-awareness they need to succeed in the field. During this phase, we put the mirror right in front of participants and  invite them to take a deep dive into themselves, exploring their strengths, values, and aspirations, as well as the obstacles and limiting beliefs that may hold them back. Through a series of reflective exercises and facilitated discussions, participants will gain a clearer understanding of themselves and their goals, identifying their unique talents and passions and honing their leadership and communication skills. The Ignite Within phase is grounded in the belief that success in agribusiness starts with a strong foundation of self-knowledge and self-awareness. By investing in themselves and their personal growth, Igniters can unlock their full potential and build the confidence and resilience needed to thrive in this dynamic and rewarding industry.


Phase 2: Ignite a sis

Week 5-8 (1st-31st August)

This phase is designed to help each participant share their knowledge and experiences with their fellow Igniter, igniting her potential and fostering a sense of community. Through Ignite a Sis, each participant is assigned to working groups consisting of 5-7 members. These groups help each woman develop a deeper understanding of the various aspects of Agribusiness, as well as build and maintain beneficial relationships with peers.

Peer coaching and Accountability Partnerships are vital components in the Ignite a Sis phase. The goal of “Ignite a Sister” is to create a community of support where women can collaborate and learn from each other, empowering them to take their agribusinesses to the next level.


Phase 3: Reach to Ignite

Week 9-13 (4th-29th September)

In this phase, Igniters  light the way for women in Agribusiness to rise to the top with the help of social media.

We believe that the key to success in this field is not only having the knowledge and skills but also creating visibility for your business. That’s why the next phase is focused on utilising social media to promote and highlight the expertise of our Ignite women.

Through talk shows, fireside chats, and panel discussions, Igniters draw attention to their agribusinesses, exceptional talent and innovative ideas. On these platforms, they will have the opportunity to speak about their businesses, share their experiences, and network with other women in the industry.

We understand the importance of utilising social media in today’s world, and our structured program will provide our Ignite women with the tools they need to effectively promote their businesses online.


Phase 4: Mobilise to Ignite

Week 14-18 (2nd-31st October)

Welcome to Mobilise to Ignite, the next phase of Ignite. In this phase, our goal is to empower the participants with the skills and feedback they have received to enable them to mobilise for funds and friends.

We understand that access to funding is a critical aspect of scaling any business, and our aim is to provide our participants with the necessary resources and support to make this happen. Through Mobilise to Ignite, the women are guided to identify potential investors, how to pitch their ideas effectively, and how to build lasting relationships to ensure continued success.

Beyond funding, we also recognize the importance of building a supportive network of like-minded individuals. Through Mobilise to Ignite, we encourage the women to connect, collaborate and network with each other, share experiences and ideas, and celebrate their successes.

Phase 5: Ready to Ignite

 1st-18th November

As we come to the end of the Ignite programme for women in Agribusiness, we want to celebrate the achievements of all our amazing graduates who are now ready to Ignite their communities and the world.

The Ready to Ignite phase marks the completion of intensive training, mentoring and networking that has equipped our participants with the tools they need to succeed in their various agribusiness ventures. We are proud to have been a part of their journey and are excited to see the remarkable impact they will make in their local communities and the global agribusiness space.

The graduation ceremony is a special moment where we recognise each of our graduates for their hard work, dedication and commitment throughout the program. It is a ceremony that should be celebrated with family, friends, and supporters who have been there through the journey.

We congratulate our participants on reaching this important milestone and wish them all the success as they step out into the world, ready to Ignite change in their communities and beyond. Cheers to the next generation of female agribusiness leaders!


Ignited to Ignite

 January- June, 2024

The post-Ignite phase of the fellowship is dubbed Ignited to Ignite, a six-month period during which our alumni give back to their community and country through an alumni project.

During this phase, these women will put all the skills, knowledge, and experience they gained during the Ignite programme into practice. They will design and implement a project that will benefit their community and contribute to the growth of their country’s agribusiness sector.

Through this phase, we aim to create a ripple effect, where the impact of Ignite spreads beyond the participants to their communities and the country at large. We believe that these women have the potential to become change agents and inspire others to pursue careers in agribusiness.

We provide support and guidance to these alumni throughout this phase, and we are excited to see the impact of their projects.



Postgraduate/Advanced/Diploma in Agribusiness

For 80+ contact hours, assignments, and examinations, qualified and interested Igniters earn a Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness certified by the London Academy of Professional Training and the Enterprise Risk Management Institute at a fee. Please scroll down for the fees.

In Person in Accra

This is the time to meet your online sisters in person, network and collaborate. Past Igniters took the opportunity to learn on the ground as interns in companies relevant to their fields. We had Babalawo from South Africa and Esther from Tanzania who are poultry farmers doing their internships at Rockland Poultry Farms in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Yomi, a natural pesticide creator from Nigeria, had her internship at the Accra Compost Centre.

During this period, Igniters for have an option to attend a two day strategy retreat and kayak on Lake Volta which is the largest man made lake by surface in the world. Igniters also attend the Women in Agribusiness Conference and Awards to inspire and be inspired.

Post Ignite

We are intentional about our post ignite programme. The alumnae get access to resources that help them to be on top of their game. They also get ongoing support from mentors, coaches and the ignite team.

Alumnae get to speak on high level platforms, network and build partnerships with like minded founders and leaders.

There’s the Ignite annual retreat to help them re-set, unwind and re-strategise. On top of this is the support from the sisterhood to encourage and help each other grow.


By the kind courtesy of our sponsors, partners and other stakeholders, we bring Ignite 2023 to Female Founders who really need this opportunity at no cost. However, to keep participants committed throughout the programme, they are required to pay a $25 non-refundable commitment fee.

In-Person and Professional Qualifications are add-ons. Please check the subsidised fees below if interested.

Ignite Add-Ons

2 weeks in-person

Optional 2 weeks in-person in Accra


Per person

Ticket to Women in Agribusiness Conference


Ticket to Women in Agribusiness Awards



US$25 per night (shared room)

Food (Optional)

US$15 per day

Strategy Retreat (Optional)


Field Trips


This is optional. Your subsidised fee covers these essential costs:
1. Transportation for programme related purposes
2. All meals and snacks while at the Ignite residence
3. Accommodation and utilities
4. Programme materials
5. Programme related costs, including tuition, field trips, mentorship, coaching and retreat

Please Note:
- You’re responsible for your own transportation from your place of origin to and fro Ignite residence
- Covid-19 tests and any other tests
- Any travel or medical insurance

Professional Qualification

This is the cost of the Postgraduate Diploma from London Academy of Professional Studies, UK and Enterprise Risk Management Institute, Ghana

Postgraduate Diploma - £499
Advanced Diploma - £349
Diploma- £199
Certificate - £99
Though subsidised by partner organisations, we still have a payment plan for our founders and leaders because we understand your needs.
Instalment plans available:
25% of the total cost as soon as your place is confirmed, 25% on the first day of every month. This is paid on the first day of the month. For eg. 1st August, 1st September, 1st October.
What does the fee cover?
1. Assessment by Enterprise Risk Management Institute 2. Certification from London Academy of Professional Training
3. First year fee for Agribusiness Professionals Network