It began with a phone call on the 30th of November 2021. The former president of Malawi, Dr. Joyce Banda invited 2021 Igniter, Christine Bhamu to her house for a meeting. After this strategic meeting, Christine was earmarked to assist small holder farmers to set up banana plantations by offering them technical support and supply of banana suckers/ seedlings; in a community project spearheaded by the former president together with a member of parliament for a constituency in Lilongwe.

Christina Zimba Bhamu is a co founder of Village Foods; a start up which produces organic healthy bananas and multiplies banana suckers among other seedlings to allow other farmers access disease free planting materials.

Talking about this opportunity, Christine said she is very grateful to the Ignite programme for inculcating confidence in putting what she does out there. “This whole story began with social media visibility. Facebook. That’s where her work was known. Ignite program always emphasised on being ready for opportunities. Though the meeting was on a short notice; it went well and all documents were ready. It was very exciting to rub shoulders with the first ever female president in the country and second in Africa at her official residence.”
Christine said.

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