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Ignite’s focus is on Agribusiness. This may include food businesses, beauty oil & soap businesses, e commerce or anything else in-between.


Ignite is run online with an optional two weeks in-person programme.

Ignite requires a minimum of 15 hours of work per week.

Joining the sessions are mandatory, however, it is understood that founders and leaders may have emergencies or illness that may prevent them from joining one or two sessions. This must be communicated as early as possible to the Ignite team.

Ignite is free for every woman who really needs this opportunity. However, there is a non-refundable commitment fee of $25. This is your skin in the game.

You’re required to make payment immediately you are accepted into the programme in order to secure a spot.

Individual founders and co-founders can apply to Ignite. Each co-founder applies separately.


in-person programme

We would like to promote cross-cultural communication as much as possible, which is why we try to put Igniters from different background in a room. We are also striving to make good matches by considering the personal interests mentioned in your interviews not forgetting Covid-19 public health protocols.

The Strategy Retreat is an overnight camping adventure. It is a two-day adventure that includes hiking up the Trident Peak to a spectacular view of the Island, abseiling the Vulcan Rock, paintballing on the Island and kayaking around Islands. Evenings are spent telling fireside stories and gazing at the stars. The tented camp has all an avid adventurer needs, and the next morning’s adventure includes more water-based adventure activities.

At Camp, you will set up tents and prepare for life in the Ghanaian outdoors. Campers may cook their own meals, learn to live without the home comforts they take for granted and make lasting friendships and develop strategies for business growth. There will be campfires for storytelling, painting sessions, a Scrabble contest, and a lot of fun on the Trident. Hammocks will also be available for sleeping under the moon and stars.

There is a mandatory sporting activity every morning. You should bring your own sport clothes and footwear.

Yes. In order to take notes and work on assignments, a laptop or notebook is needed.



No. However, formal education plays a critical role in terms of the outcome we are looking for, therefore you should have a basic formal certificate from a recognised institution. If you opt for Postgraduate Diploma, at least you should have a bachelors degree.

Ignite is for women who have existing or aspire to have agribusinesses in Africa.

If at first you don’t succeed. try again. 

The entire programme is conducted in English, therefore proficiency in English Language is a requirement.

Ignite (In-person): You should be 45 years or younger at the time of application.

 Ignite (Virtual) : There is no age limit.

Ignite is for women only.

Ignite needs maximum time commitment, we therefore encourage women who can make time for the entire programme to apply. 



There are no exams but there is a deliverable system in place to assess performance and assist you to work on your agribusiness.

If participants fail to deliver assignments, engage in a proactive, respectful, social and responsible manner, it could lead to withdrawal from the programme.

If you want to earn the Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness. Eighty (80) contact hours, including course and field works are required to earn this award.

Yes. Igniters Postgraduate in Agribusiness Diploma is certified by accredited professional institutions. London Academy of Professional Training, UK and Enterprise Risk Management Institution-EMRI, Ghana.

Ignite is still free for all women in Agribusiness who really need this opportunity. However, if you want to earn a Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness from our external partners, you will have to pay for the subsidised fee of $499. Guzakuza and partner organisations are committed to supporting women in agribusiness in these difficult times. We have therefore subsidised the fee for you to be able to earn this.

  1. Transportation for programme related purposes.
  2. All meals and snacks while at the Ignite residence.
  3. Accommodation and utilities
  4. Programme materials.
  5. Programme related costs, including tuition, field trips, mentorship, coaching.

Please Note:

  • You’re responsible for your own transportation from your place of origin to and fro Ignite residence
  • Covid-19 tests and any other tests
  • Any travel or medical insurance

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