Soybean is one of the under developed crop in Ghana despite its’ high economic gain, both market and non-market benefits. Witama Agribusiness founded by Igniter Alberta who is committed to impactful agribusiness earlier this season supported 420 farmers in 8 communities within the municipality through its out-grower scheme programme by providing these farmers with mechanization service, certified seeds, foliar fertilizer and crop protection products for the cultivation of 360 hectares of soya beans.

In a two-day monitoring and assessment, together with the Regional Agriculture Director, some officials from the Municipal Agriculture department and partners of the company, Alberta Afriyie-Mensah, CEO of Witama Agribusiness, emphasised on farmers commitment to the program during her address, as the company is willing to expand the program in the seasons ahead and their commitment or non-commitment will determine their future businesses with the farmers.


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